March 2017

Gratitude: 17 March 2017
– I am thankful for my work and my desk. My smile says it all.
Inline image 1
– Missed this Gratitude in March but really appreciate the effort from the guys on Women’s Day. Champagne Breakfast was my style.
Don’t ever wish to miss a chance on having Champagne
Inline image 2

– Thankful for my trip to Bombay. Came back with memories to cherish forever

Inline image 4
– Lastly Thankful for my boys. They are my pride. Life is nothing without them.
Inline image 6
Gratitude: 20 March 2017
– Anil for asking for a coffee at the right time and then paying for it. Little things go long way!
Inline image 1
– P for Pilates, P for Purple, P for Power. Letter P adding meaning to my life
(yes I know I am not that fit as it shows in the picture but thats the goal and purple gives me all the strength)
Inline image 2
– Friends for Banyan Tree Spa vouchers. Unwinding!
Inline image 3
– The Moving Body for finally realising they have not provided me with a card. It’s been a year!
Classic example of “Better Late than Never”
Inline image 4
– My boys – I love them for who they are. Simple and Fair (in judgement not colour)
Inline image 5
Gratitude: 21 March 2017
– Guan Kitchen for these plastic bags. They are a saviour. How much I loved when they only charged 2$.
Inline image 1
– Nan for helping out with the muffins. Our love for food goes long way. Kids loved them and we are glad as teh money will go for charity!
Inline image 2
– This boy who doesn’t like being in crowded places but still tries his best! Land of Stories.
Yes the elephant is handmade. Milk bottle, paper, glue and artwork.
Inline image 3
Gratitude: 22 March 2017
My helper Nan for the brown rice fried rice. Her food keeps me sane. 
Sharing her picture with the cauliflower base pizza, which she tried for the first time.
One can always learn and grow wherever they are and whatever they do. Growth is always within!
3 cheers for her presentation skills.
Inline image 1
Gratitude: 28 March 2017
– For this watch shopping over the weekend. My colours black and gold.
Inline image 1
– For Dawn the hairstylist for always colouring my hair so beautifully. It’s an art!
Inline image 2
– To the person who left this at my desk today. Life happens, chocolate helps!
Inline image 3

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