February 2017

Gratitude: 01 Feb 
– Arvind for suggesting humble words for email sign off (With Gratitude) 
– Ronald for helping out dealing with Kars and Jobbie 
– Aleph Team for agreeing on eating at Nalan 🙂 for my love for South Indian food
– Yeng  and Aman for being available and responding to my whats app messages (making life easier)
Gratitude: 02 Feb
–  Enjoyed the session with Nischal and DBS team. It was nice to understand from Nischal that we are a service company and we should think we work in a call centre (hospitality industry). We should have the same patience like the call centre guys when we are dealing with clients. Even if they are irritating we must be pleasant and say our manager will discuss with you. 
– Healthy food – Thanks to my helpers!
Gratitude:03 Feb
– Robin’s Grandpa for a simple yet so powerful message – BREATHE  🙂 
Gratitude: 06 Feb
– Yeng and Miri for the beautiful Generosity Kimmi Doll – Every Kimmi doll holds special powers. 
The one given to me brings prosperity and purpose. I am Thankful to them with all my love 💕
Inline image 1

Gratitude: 07 Feb

Grateful to my family for checking with me on my medication! All my love to them 💕

Gratitude: 09 Feb

To the happiness team for never ending laughter
– Kabir for playing throw ball with me – I thoroughly enjoyed 🏀
– Grateful to team for introducing me to vietnamese food – Food attracts me. Had Bun Cha. Its rice noodles with spring rolls (I had the vegetarian version). It was awesome.
Usual Bun Cha 
Bún chả is a Vietnamese dish of grilled pork and noodle, which is thought to have originated from HanoiVietnam.[1] Bun cha is served with grilled fatty pork (chả) over a plate of white rice noodle (bún) and herbs with a side dish of dipping sauce.
Inline image 1

Gratitude: 10 Feb

– Gratitude for Kars and Jobbie for not arguing further and happily agreeing to be in Chennai (they go to pondicherry too!)
Hope they have a pleasant stay! 🌏

– Senthil, Nischal and Irah for the friday evening laughter dose 😀😀😀

Gratitude: 13 Feb

– Aman and Siva for the evening talks and just being there 🍺🍺

– My family – I am so indebted to them for standing with me. Family First 💕

– Girl Friends – Yes there is nothing like a chatting session with them. Sometimes all we need is fairy tales talks because at the end of the day there is a cinderella hidden in all of us 👑💍💎

Gratitude: 14 Feb

– There was this gratitude that I missed last year, so catching up today

Thanks to Ricarda for this little gift. He sits proudly on our wall of fame.

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Gratitude: 21 Feb 

– Time spent with family ❤

Inline image 1

Inline image 3

– Visit to the Virasate Khalsa Museum. It’s a must visit place for people who are interested in history and culture. The technology used and the maintenance in the museum is praiseworthy.

Inline image 4Inline image 5

– Oregano spice mix from Dominos India – it gives a kick to my salty tongue 🙂

Inline image 6

– This little wonder in my life.

Inline image 7

Gratitude: 22 Feb 

– Reema for coffee at beer time 🙂 💜

– Books – especially astrology books. They make my belief stronger in the cosmic powers. Glad I could find this in Chandigarh. Brought back my teen memories 🌟#moongirl 🦀

Inline image 1

Gratitude: 23 Feb

– For the person who bought this book and  for the person who left it on my table. Inspiring me to be more interesting. Soon you will see the interesting me 🙂
Inline image 2
–  For evening!! It reminds us to unwind.
Inline image 4

Gratitude: 28 Feb 2017
– For lipstick – it makes my life colorful!
Inline image 1
– Pilates for the core strength!
Inline image 2
– Level 3 at Aleph – When the weather is killing and the air is fresh, work output is 200%
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